September 26th, 2008


Minx died. I know, it is shocking

So like half of you already know all this and can probably scroll past to posts that are more insightful and up-to-date.

For the rest of you, who may or may not have been aware of Minx.

Um, it's dying. Because DC apparently sucks at proper marketing.

See, it was supposed to be something to connect with the manga-reading girl audience, and the YA lit crowd. Both of which are pretty good markets.

However, the folks in charge didn't bother checking to see WHICH manga and YA stuff was ultrapopular, and just went with vague and bland "chick flick" style stuff. There were some really good books, but for the most part it was about as exciting as melba toast. And in almost every place I've seen 'em sold, they were STILL being sorted into the "graphic novels" sections- which most YA and manga readers are skipping over- rather than where their intended audiences would find them.

The moral of the story is: if you want an audience to read your books, you should probably market in the direction of that audience. Otherwise, you're just going to get the teensy dregs of people like me who are looking for "Pictures, words, and panels." And we do not make up a very big audience.

the Horrible Cat Comic

As you may remember from my AWA sumup, I'm now the proud owner of a really horrible manga. REALLY horrible. The whole concept seems to be, "Cats sexually molest young women in many, varied, and unusual ways."

I would like to point out right now that this is NOT some hard-to-get fetish thing. This is a comic that was serialized in Business Jump. This was something marketed to businessmen. In canse anyone doubted the fuckedupness of Japanese culture, there you go.

"But Sooz," I hear you say, "surely it can't be all THAT bad, if it is for businessmen to read!"

And that is why I am including a few pages, to show you EXACTLY HOW BAD IT IS.

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