Note for the visually impaired

EDIT 11/04/10
I am actually trying to get into the habit of transcription where it is like an illustration or something on new posts. I'm probably going to leave most imagespam stuff untranscribed because most of it would just be "a cute puppy being cute" which does not seem terribly helpful. (Although if anyone reading feels otherwise I am willing to change my policy on that!) Same with art-based things, since, um, visual art. Comics will probably be an exception.

Probably not going back to transcribe older stuff, though, because I am lazy and also I'm not sure there's much worth doing in there. If you are a person who wants transcriptions on an older entry, please let me know and I will be happy to supply you with that.

I am not really in the habit of adding transcripts or something when I post pictures. This is mostly because I am not aware of any visually-impaired folks following me!

If you would like to have transcripts added or something, please let me know and I will get on that for you. I am totally happy to help anyone who wants to get ALL THE INFOS.

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No more entries :(

I'm gonna be discontinuing use of this journal for updates and the like.

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Thank you, everyone who has followed me throughout the years. I greatly appreciate your sharing your attention with me. :D I hope that you will continue to do so on other platforms.

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